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Each month we highlight a few of our employees by having them share everything from their personal motto to their favorite architect to what’s on their bucket list.

Linda-Lea Chatelain
Construction Accountant
With Lawrence Group since 2019

What inspires you?
Possibility – possibility to me is an achievement, achieving my goals is a possibility and it inspires me.

What is your personal motto?
“Do my best so that I can’t blame myself for anything and I am not forgotten in the end.”

On My Bucket List
I have always wanted to attend a murder mystery dinner.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
The pride that everyone has in the company.

David Ohlemeyer
With Lawrence Group since 1984

What are your favorite design details?
Those that do not leak and those that provide a successful transition from one material or finish to another.

What is your personal motto?
A place for everything and everything in its place.

On My Bucket List
Exploring Southern Europe with local experts and, at times, from the comfort of a sedan chair.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
Continually learning new things from emerging professionals offering fresh points of view, seasoned professionals sharing lessons from their experiences and clients providing new challenges.

Andres Alzate
With Lawrence Group since 2018

What are your favorite new products?
Arktura panels, linesse strip lights, GlowSTX and infra-structure lights

Who is your favorite architect and why?
My favorite architect is Bjarke Ingel because of his playful approach to architecture.

On My Bucket List
I want to travel to Japan, China and Thailand.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
That we are not bound by regions nor culture, and everyone you meet is very nice.

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