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Each month we are highlighting three of our employees by having them share everything from their personal motto to their favorite architect to what’s on their bucket list. We are hoping this gives you a glimpse into the people of Lawrence Group.


Alex Duenwald
Art Director

With Lawrence Group since 2007

Favorite Pastime
Sketching and spending too much time with computer games.

The story behind a design – good design always has a story behind it.

On My Bucket List
Travel to Europe; move to London or Amsterdam.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
We do good work in the city; good = improving the community.


Brandon Eversgerd===

Brandon Eversgerd

With Lawrence Group since 2014

Favorite Architect
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; his ability to mix materials, proportion, balance, etc., has always been amazing to me.

Not Many People Know
I am one of eight. Seven younger brothers, one younger sister (and yes, all from the same parents).

On My Bucket List
Go to Asia, hike Machu Picchu, and see the U.S. in a World Cup.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
The people and work/life balance.


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Shelby Hartman

With Lawrence Group since 2017

Most Proud Of
Graduating with my master’s degree at age 22.

Personal Motto
“Nothing worth having comes easy.”

On My Bucket List
To see the Milan Cathedral and La Sagrada Familia in person.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
The casual dress code.


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