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LG Fit Back By Popular Demand

At Lawrence Group, we’ve brought new energy to our LG Fit group, which focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. The group promotes activities such as weekly yoga classes, workout routines, friendly competitions and a bar class. Some of the competitions that are planned to come back include a water drinking challenge, “Maintain Don’t Gain,” and the stair challenge. Newer ideas include a signup sheet that allows you to try new classes at the gym with coworkers, reward cards for participants, chair stretches and a helpful map that shows multiple walking routes in and around our headquarters office. LG Fit is also planning on scheduling a Lawrence Group weekend hike when it gets cooler outside.

One of LG Fit’s goals is to help employees develop healthy habits by encouraging them in the work place. For example, if you make it a routine to get up from your desk every hour, it can carry over into your life at home when you make the conscious decision to get up and walk around after a couple episodes of your favorite TV show. If you’re making yourself drink a certain amount of water at work, you might start practicing the same habit at home. If you walk every day during your lunch break for 15 minutes, it can become a habit to take walks over the weekends at home. Forming these small but healthy habits can make a significant improvement in your overall health.

Applying physical health to your daily routine can improve mental health as well. Thirty minutes of exercise every day can reduce depression, anxiety and stress. It can improve memory, self-esteem and sleep, and interestingly enough, it can boost your energy over time. Physical health does not have to be strenuous, it can be 30 minutes of walking or multiple stretch sessions throughout the day. For example, you should be breathing heavier than normal when exercising, but you should not be out of breath. Your body should feel warmer when exercising, but you should not be very sweaty or uncomfortably hot.

LG Fit is making its comeback due to popular demand. Since it recently started back up, new ideas and participants are always encouraged. If you have any ideas for new activities, challenges, informative handouts, or anything for the organization in general, contact Jessica Riess at

This blog was written by Emma Marciak, emerging professional.

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