Work completed at Student Health and Counseling Center for Sam Houston State University

Lawrence Group recently completed a new 30,000-square foot Student Health and Counseling Center for Sam Houston State University. The new 2-story facility allows the campus Health Clinic and Behavioral Counseling Center, currently separated, to be combined with expanded facilities for the pharmacy, radiology lab and group counseling, along with improved conferencing and administrative areas.

The first level includes the clinic, pharmacy, procedure areas and exam rooms, with the counseling center located on the upper level. Located on a restricted site, the new facility complements the design and materials of the surrounding campus, while introducing contextually sensitive translucent panels. These panels allows light into counseling areas, while allowing the upper section to glow at night and serve as a beacon and new landmark for the campus. Concrete light wells adjacent to the building allow daylight to enter the underground parking area, improving visibility and campus safety.