The Ross School - Mildred Brown Senior Thesis Building and Research Library

East Hampton, NY

This 32,000 square-foot, freestanding academic building is designed to accommodate the self-directed curriculum and fluid spatial requirements of the school’s senior-most students, as well as their faculty and advisors.

A research library is central to the program, and includes periodical and general reading area for students, a lending catalog with open stacks and circulation desk, a research area and private study carrels, media room, meeting space, and access to building exterior as well as the lecture hall.

In this unique environment, a dialogue regularly plays out between interior and exterior space - in the library and in the building at large. The presence of abundant works of art by classic and contemporary masters, the integration of extensive technology, and the use of evocative materials and architectural forms support the varied class and self-study programs and foster a sense of community.

The building also contains state-of-the-art distance learning and connectivity systems, a 120 fixed seat lecture hall, research library, student docking stations, classrooms, science labs and music practice rooms.