Polar Wave Development

St. Louis, MO

Lawrence Group’s construction team worked closely to construct the Polar Wave Development, a historic renovation of the Polar Wave Ice & Fuel building on Gravois in Benton Park. The project has 21,800 square feet of commercial space, including a restaurant and two primary audio suites and lounge as well as 14 contemporary loft-style apartments.

The primary construction challenge was to create a new structure with parking and 14 apartments in a collapsed shell of a 100-year old ice house building. Another challenge was to provide complete acoustic isolation between apartments and the audio suites.

The anchor tenant, Shock City Studios, is the premier public audio production and mix facility. The development brings positive social and economic benefit to the neighborhood through the re-use of an architectural icon. Shock City has quickly become the premier production and mixing facility situated within the urban fabric of St. Louis and has set its sights on growing a national clientele. Choosing to locate in a neighborhood currently undergoing a renovation renaissance, the Shock City facility is capable of serving the most demanding corporate clientele while still providing a creative and conducive environment for the artist.

The 14 contemporary loft-style apartments are the class of Benton Park. The design complements the historic fabric of the building and the Benton Park neighborhood. Twenty-eight underground parking spaces are provided for residents.

Shock City Studios was recognized as a member of the “Class of 2009” by Mix Magazine in their June 2009 issue.