Spartanburg Downtown Master Plan and Code

Spartanburg, SC

This Downtown Master Plan serves to weave the basic assets of the City into a tightly-knit tapestry. The focus was on filling in the numerous small-scale gaps with highly-detailed mixed-use buildings that enliven the sidewalks with ground level activity such as shops and restaurants and provide opportunities for employment and housing on the upper floors. The future of Spartanburg is full of opportunity and this Master Plan seeks to restore its historic prominence while adapting it for the next century. Lawrence Group calibrated the Smart Code (v 8.0), a model form-based code, for replacement of the existing codes and standards in the downtown area. The Downtown Code includes provisions for Administration; new transect-based Districts; Standards for Lot/Site, Building, Parking, Landscaping, Environmental Protection, and Signage; and a revised zoning map.