Davidson Transit Area Study and Circles @ 30 Small area plan

Davidson, NC

Downtown Davidson is a lively, historic mixed use village with successful restaurants, small shops and offices, and a mix of residential units. The Lawrence Group was retained in late 2011 to make land use and code recommendations for future infill opportunities in the Downtown Area. This included integrating a proposed commuter rail line and designing opportunities for new retail, office, entertainment, residential and commuter parking.

During this same time, LG also developed The Circles @ 30 Plan for the Town which includes a mix of residential, commercial, office, and retail uses. As the second downtown of Davidson, there are opportunities in the Circles @ 30 area for higher density. A priority for the area is to improve walkability and the connection to Downtown Davidson.

Both efforts strive to create attractive pedestrian-oriented districts that provide opportunities for growth while incorporating a wide range of uses and building types.

LG is also currently revising the Planning Ordinance for the Town of Davidson.