SSM St. Mary’s Health Center

Richmond Heights, MO

As an established institution in the region, St. Mary’s Health Center needed a completely new face to the community in order to better tell their story of their mission and true innovation in patient care. Lawrence Group’s light, welcoming design complements the massive elements and has a presence that reflects the technological advancements of the future and the compassionate expertise of its staff. The new canopy, bridge and lobby modernize the campus and radically change the impression of the hospital in the eyes of the community.

When entering the lobby, the SSM mission -- “through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God” – is apparent, emphasized in the religious artwork and graphics.

Because of the religious mission of the hospital, the chapel is once again an integral part of the lobby experience. For this reason the smoke doors were removed which revealed the stunning fresco and unique entry into the chapel. With Brother Mel’s iconic work as the precedent, additional pieces were commissioned to complete the lobby. These include a cross, a wall sculpture of Mother Mary and two stainless steel abstract feature pieces.