Martha! Television Studio

New York, NY

The new studio, support area and post-production spaces for Martha Stewart provide new working environments that allow the expansion of her presence into network television with the new NBC daytime talk show Martha!

The studio and studio support areas are located in the historic Chelsea Studios in New York City, which were comprehensively rehabilitated to meet the technical and operational needs of a modern broadcast operation, with the upgraded spaces reconfigured and restyled to visually extend the integrated Martha Stewart brand throughout the facility.

The 8,000-sf television studio accommodates a 185-person audience, and incorporates separate kitchen, craft and greenhouse areas, along with a full-functional camera-ready commercial kitchen.

The branding extends throughout the facility to the exterior of the building, where the colorful outsized signs and awning integrated into the facade announce the nerve center of the Martha! Show to the passers-by on Seventh Avenue and 26th Street.