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Just Don’t Eat the Crayons

One of the latest trends I’m so excited about is adult coloring and – more importantly – adult coloring books. I know it may sound risqué, but it’s really quite PG. These physical coloring books and even mobile apps consist of ready to color pages of complex patterns, delicate florals, organic mandalas and stunning graphics that are aimed at an older population. Who wouldn’t love an opportunity to revive a great memory of your childhood with a little stress-free coloring?

This latest creative explosion is certainly a means to relax and unwind. I adored coloring as a child, even as young adult, and frankly in my profession, I still love it. In lieu of coloring my favorite Lisa Frank posters, my “coloring” now is a bit more tangible and involves various colorful selections for clients and projects. Nevertheless, any good designer or architect probably has a minimum of four random colored pencils or Prismacolor markers lying on their desk at any point in the day. There is something relaxing about coloring, and based on the fact that seven of the top 10 best-selling books on Amazon right now are Adult Coloring books, it shows that there is a large segment of the population who could use a break from all the stress of the day and a break from feeling of digital overload.

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I first noticed the coloring books in stores months ago; their graphic patterns immediately grabbed my attention. In addition to the physical coloring books, there has been a series of mobile apps that help you color on the run, perhaps when you left your crayons in your other purse. One of my favorites and one of the most popular apps is Colorfy. There’s a peacefulness that comes when you can sit down with the app. Honestly, it’s a nice break from flapping birds or crushing. Just spend 10 minutes, maybe with a little background music, and you’ve created a beautiful masterpiece and hopefully are a little less stressed than when you began. Imagine taking a time out at work to take a coloring break, or maybe a quiet pause right before bed to wind down with a fun floral pattern. Colorfy has plenty of patterns included and great colors to get you started with the free download. You just tap a color and then tap the area you want to fill. It’s quite simple. There are no true mistakes; however, the only downside is that you can’t color outside of the lines, figuratively and literally.

Of course after you finish, you have the option to share your creation on practically any social media platform. However, share with caution! I’m guessing your friends will like to see your adult coloring workbook on Facebook about as much as they want to see a picture of that artful turkey sandwich you had for lunch yesterday. In a nod to the old school style, I do encourage you to print off your Picassos and put them on the fridge at home. Upstage your kid’s art and show them that momma’s still got it in the coloring department. Have fun, relax, and create. And more importantly, kick yourself (like I am) for not coming up with a concept as ingenious and simple as adult coloring.



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