As part of the recent redevelopment of St. Louis Union Station, owner Lodging Hospitality Management worked with Lawrence Group to create a fast-casual dining option for visitors. The goal was to create a family-friendly eatery that complements the aesthetic of the new aquarium while providing maximum seating to accommodate large groups.


Named after the year St. Louis Union Station opened to the public, the 1894 Cafe pulls inspiration from foods first introduced during the 1904 World’s Fair. Bright aquatic hues, oversized patterns and custom large-scale graphics create a fun, branded experience.

Patrons enter the café through a framed entry portal leading to the ordering counter, enticing customers to move quickly through the ordering process. Self-ordering kiosks are located near the entry for “order ahead” and “to-go” orders.

Custom booths line the perimeter of the space while moveable tables offer flexibility for large groups. On the patio, bright outdoor furniture doubles the seat count while large operable glass walls frame views of the lake and new attractions at Union Station.

One element that sets them apart from other design partners we work with is that Lawrence Group is a truly full service firm. They help with your typical architectural firm services like architecture and interior design, but what really sets them apart is their ability to provide graphics expertise, branding insight, landscape design services and furniture procurement even down to plates, knives and forks!

Chad Smith
Vice President,

Design and Construction
Lodging Hospitality Management