KUT Public Media Studio

G.B. Dealey Center for New Media, University of Texas



One of the top public radio stations in the country, KUT plays hand-picked music that is both innovative and authentic. The station also provides online content and audio streaming, news production, public service and nationally distributed program production. Its new home at the G.B. Dealey Center for New Media at The University of Texas needed to achieve two of KUT’s overall goals: 1) to integrate the community into all aspects of what they do and 2) to recast the way the various departments and internal creative entities work together.


The first goal was achieved by locating KUT’s major music production space, Studio 1A, and its major news and music production rooms in prominent locations relative both to the immediate surroundings and the campus as a whole. Floor to ceiling windows along one side of the studio create energy and excitement during performances.

The second goal was achieved through the creation of a “producer’s commons.” All content and broadcast spaces are organized in an open plan loft configuration with workstations clustered by program activity to promote crossover communication and interaction among different media divisions.