Principia Early Childhood Master Plan and Playground



What began as a desire to connect the gradeschool and pre-k at Principia Early Childhood evolved into a reimagined pre-k through fifth grade experience. Lawrence Group worked with Principia through the master planning process to understand the school’s current needs and potential growth. The school also wanted to blend their athletic needs with a more natural look and feel into the area, and create an updated playscape, where kids in each age group enjoyed playing.


During the master planning process, Lawrence Group met with multiple stakeholders to understand the best play use for the space at different age levels. Moving pre-k next to the gradeschool increased walkability, safety and growth potential. Lawrence Group minimized the amount of asphalt, reused existing playground equipment, and created innovative, sustainable, and equipment-free nature play areas and outdoor classrooms. A community garden with a plot for each classroom was also added. Planting beds filled with Missouri native plants meander along the perimeter to blend the hard and softscapes and soften the look of the entire site.