The Security Building



Once a part of St. Louis’ bustling financial hub and formerly housing the prestigious Noonday Club, time had taken its toll on The Security Building. Worn-out heating and cooling systems, unpredictable elevators and a glass dome covered in foam and tar offered little indication of the 1890-era building’s historic significance.


Lawrence Group’s $18 million redevelopment created a six-level atrium by enclosing the natural space formed by the U-shaped building and restoring the glass dome ceiling. The new atrium also provides the roof for the new outdoor patio space on the ninth floor. Home to Lawrence Group’s corporate headquarters, this multi-tenant office building offers shared conference and amenity space, attached parking garage, vending area and breakroom. Lawrence Group incorporated local, state and federal financial programs in order to make the project financially viable. The entire renovation also occurred while the building was occupied with office tenants, adding to the complexity.

The Security Building was the first historic building in Missouri to receive LEED Silver certification.