Warby Parker



Warby Parker, the innovative online brand for inexpensive designer eyewear, had a need to develop a brick and mortar retail experience that could be rolled out domestically and internationally to 45 locations. The goal was for each retail location to be representative of the unique cities and neighborhoods they inhabit, featuring commissions by local artists and authors, as well as other unique features that create an iconic experience for customers.


Lawrence Group worked with Warby Parker and their brand group to develop a national expansion program that allowed each store to have a unique character and feel like its a part of the local community. Each location typically integrated a custom mural from a local artists, adapted to the local architectural environment and used a mixture of standard fixtures developed by Lawrence Group. Over the course of 45 locations in over three years, Lawrence Group and Warby Parker developed a kit of parts and ethos that allowed each location to have a look that felt like a Warby Parker store, but also allowed the local artist, community, or architecture spill out and create an unique retail environment.