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Heart of St. Louis Award
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Steve Smith Wins Heart of St. Louis Award

Explore St. Louis and St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation recently recognized Steve Smith with the inaugural J. Kim Tucci “Heart of St. Louis Award” for his impact and dedication to the City of St. Louis.

Kim Tucci devoted his life to making life better for others in St. Louis, and supported many civic organizations throughout the St. Louis region including the St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation. This award honors Tucci’s legacy by recognizing individuals who share a similar mission and dedication to the city.

Among the finalists, Smith was recognized for his leadership in City Foundry STL and other redevelopment projects that have made lasting impacts on the City of St. Louis. Smith also shares his time and talent by volunteering for many non-profits across the region.

The finalists for the award were judged by St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation board members including Ruth Kim, Flint Fowler, Michael Houlihan, Victor Frankel, Tim Eby, Tim Rodgers and David Robert.

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